The SOAR 2019 agenda is focused on helping you and your organization, as a member of the BluJay community, get the most value from your solutions, connections, and the Global Trade Network. You will also hear from thought leaders and inspirational speakers in our general sessions.

Tracks are organized by profile: Shippers, Forwarders, Brokers, 3PL/LSP, and Carriers.

Each track will feature a variety of solution-based sessions designed to provide value for users, administrators, executives, or partners in the Global Trade Network.


This is a partial list of sessions and is subject to change. New sessions, descriptions and presenters are added as they are confirmed.



Discover Transportation Management for Shippers

An overview of BluJay’s Transportation Management for Shippers solution with an emphasis on how it delivers value with its broad feature set, cloud platform, global capabilities, data-driven insight and network connectivity.

Discover Fleet Management

Discover BluJay’s Fleet Management solution, designed for both private and dedicated fleets, along with seamless integration to our Transportation Management for Shippers.

Discover Parcel in the Cloud

Learn about BluJay’s leading Parcel solution and how it can be configured to support both mid- and high-volume operations, giving you the ability to manage 100 packages a day or 100,000 packages a day. You will also learn how it is integrated into our Transportation Management solution to complete a single platform for all of your transportation needs.

Customer Case Study: Journey to Logistics as a Service

Description coming soon.

Customer Case Study: From Outsourced to Insourced Logistics

Hear from a rapidly-growing company how the transportation team has operationally supported expansion. From continuing to build new stores – up to 50 projected in 2019 – and carrier partner strategies for keeping costs low and service high, to moving from an outsourced to insourced logistics department, this organization has a multifaceted story to tell. You will take away practical tips for improving efficiency and supporting growth.

How to Scale with Integrated Carriers in BluJay’s GTN

Many shippers new to the BluJay Global Trade Network (GTN) will seek to bring pre-existing carrier relationships with them – as well they should. But one of the oft-overlooked benefits of joining the GTN is the opportunity to add accomplished carriers that are subject matter experts in producing industry-leading “value” on the BluJay Transportation Management platform. With a focus on current market trends, this discussion will address potential misconceptions of new shippers, and the value of network carriers with a proven ability to drive down freight spend and improve product flow.

Customer Case Study: Upgrading to Parcel 18.0

Garmin is a heavy user of the Parcel application, using it in 5 of our larger warehouses, with plans to expand. This presentation will tell Garmin’s story of how they upgraded from Flagship 6.002 to Parcel 18.0. Learn more about what went well, what didn’t, how we rolled out the upgrade to all sites, test planning & execution – and more!

Customer Case Study: Parcel in the Cloud


Customer Case Study: Parcel Success Story and Lessons Learned


Better Negotiate your Shipping Contracts

Johhny Telos, from Transportation Audit and Recovery Services, will engage you with this sometimes funny and always thoughtful session on how to navigate the world of shipping contracts. After leaving a long career at FEDEX, Johnny want on to start his own company focused on helping his clients negotiate their shipping contracts, saving hundreds of millions of dollars over the years. No matter if you’re a beginner or consider yourself an expert when it comes to shipping contracts, you will leave this session with ideas, thoughts and techniques to better prepare you for your next contract negotiation.

Discover Managed Procurement

Learn about BluJay’s Managed Procurement Services and how we optimize your spend, centralize your bidding process, and handle the workload associated with managing this intense process. You will also learn how the BluJay Global Trade Network provides access to data only BluJay can provide, so you can benchmark against your peers and ensure your costs are in line.

Navigating the Temperature Controlled Supply Chain

In this timely session, Robert Nathan from LoadDelivered will discuss a number of key issues plaguing your supply chain right now:

– Rates – what can we expect in 2019?
– Temp-controlled shipping in the wake of the ELD mandate
– OTIF regulations and the impact on temp-controlled shipping
– Tax law changes and the impact on temp-controlled shipping – in particular food and beverage shipping
– FSMA – what are shippers/brokers responsible for?
– Weather/Seasonality – how will produce and other commodities be affected in 2018?

All-Star Tips for a Successful Implementation

What makes an implementation successful? Back by popular demand, learn the top tips to prepare for your project, get aligned across the team, and cross the finish line standing tall using our proven SOAR methodology. In this session, we will focus on resource alignment, master data requirements, integration, current and future states, and project governance .

Carrier Roundtable Workshop

In this workshop, we want our Carrier partners to bring their ideas and thoughts about how to improve our Global Trade Network. We see our Carrier partners as indispensable in our quest to change the world of supply chain. We will workshop and present new concepts about integration, workflow, and new features to improve the end-to-end supply chain. Carriers only!

Customer Case Study: Improve Tracking and Delivery with MobileSTAR

Hear from BluJay customer Northern Refrigerated Transportation about how they use MobileSTAR to improve tracking and delivery for their customers.

Discover Transportation Management for Forwarders

In this session, you will learn about BluJay’s Transportation Management for Forwarders solution. The automated workflow was designed to help you manage global moves while considering deadlines, milestones, and priorities, to consistently deliver for your customers. We’ll review new features including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and mobile application integration.

Discover Global Customs Management

Learn about BluJay’s Customs Management, a multi-country customs compliance software solution that enables companies to comply with customs and security regulations. Connecting cloud-based technology, black-box functionality, and industry-leading expertise in one solution, within the largest Global Trade Network, this single point of connection for global customs operations provides a dramatic reduction in cost, time, and complexity.

Customs Customer Case Study – Customs Management
Discover BluJay Control Tower

Our Control Tower solution sports a new user interface and simplified workflow. Learn how Control Tower can help you include all of your supply chain partners to track orders and shipments, from supplier to the end customer and every step in between.

Discover Yard Management

Learn how BluJay’s flexible and easy-to-deploy Yard Management solution can help you eliminate “supply chain black holes” by providing visibility and control in your yard.

Discover MobileSTAR – Improving the Final Mile with MobileSTAR

Learn about BluJay’s hottest solution – MobileSTAR. This session will show you how MobileSTAR can help you redefine the customer experience, quickly link to your carriers or private fleet, and provide unprecedented and real-time visibility to your operation.

Customer Advisory Boards, Aha!, and How to Bring Your Voice to the Roadmap

BluJay’s Customer Advisory Board (CAB) ensures that the voice of the customer is not only heard, but also reflected in product development. In fact, 25 percent of BluJay’s development efforts are dedicated to YOU, our customers. Find out how we turn your ideas into action through CABs and Aha!, the ideas portal in our product management tool where the BluJay product community can submit ideas to address common practices or to solve complex business issues. Since introducing the crowdsourcing functionality tool at last year’s SOAR, we’ve implemented an average of 10 new customer ideas each month.

Discover MessageBroker and the Power of Integration

This session will introduce you to BluJay’s MessageBroker. Whether it’s ANSI X12, EDIFACT/EANCOM, standard or proprietary XML, Flat File/CSV or another regional EDI standard, you will learn how to tie your suppliers, partners, customers, and external systems into a seamless, and automated workflow.

Additional Featured Content

No matter which track you may be following at SOAR 2018, there’s something for everyone in these additional sessions that apply across the BluJay community.


As a SOAR attendee, you’ll be first to see the new learning system unveiled by BluJay University. We’re offering instructor-led courses and other options at the conference to get you started on some of the most popular topics for users and system administrators.

Peers + Partners

Learn from fellow users and partners in the BluJay community as they showcase real-world examples of meeting challenges with solutions, applying best practices, or practical use cases that optimize their business.

Customer Advisory Board

In addition to our CAB meetings taking place at the conference, we will have an introductory session for those who want to learn more but are not yet involved, and another to show you the simple process to submit product ideas through the Aha! System.

Stairway to Value

BluJay will introduce you to the maturity model for gaining incremental value from your current investment and the Global Trade Network through our Stairway to Value process.

Discovery Sessions

Want to learn more about a solution or service offered in BluJay’s Global Trade Network? Our discovery sessions are a great way to get an overview and introduction to offerings within the ecosystem that could complement your current solution further optimize your supply chain operations.

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